127th NZIS Conference


Date: 15 - 16 October 2015

Venue: James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, Wellington 

Adapt, Innovate, Integrate

 This year’s theme is about adapting, innovating and integrating.

As surveying and spatial professionals we need to be flexible and adaptable as our environment changes to be successful. Change happens with natural disasters such earthquakes and climate change causing sea level rise and in the business environment we have to deal constantly with the introduction of new technologies. The conference will explore how surveying and spatial community are adapting to the changes that are happening now.

From the changes comes the opportunity to be innovative in our projects and in problem solving. We see this happening particularly in the rebuild of Canterbury. This year we explore and showcase the innovation happening across our industry – we see the start of a 3D Cadastre happening and discover new uses of location information such as sensing cities. 

Successful innovation leads into integration and how the of surveying and spatial technologies are being integrated in sophisticated ways. Partnerships are becoming increasingly important to maximize the opportunities that new developments provide. NZIS is taking the lead in providing a conference platform for both surveying and spatial professions to showcase their work and new developments in one conference venue.

High Level Timeline

Programme Planning is underway